Thinking of starting your own Spray Tanning Business?

Whether you are just starting out as a Spray Tan Therapist or expanding your Salon services to include the treatment, it has great potential for making large profits very quickly. Treatment time is short with minimal outlay and low start-up costs.

Spray Tan Training

There are many Spray Tan Courses available and the prices can vary enormously. Our advice would be to choose a Professional Accredited Training Course and recommend visiting the Beauty Guild website where you can search by your location.

A training course will give you the knowledge and confidence to use any spray tan product and in most cases with no previous experience necessary.

Content can vary but will usually cover the theory of spray tanning including important information regarding health and safety, pre-care, after-care and top tips to enable you to spray a perfect, natural looking tan for your customer and also a practical element where you will perform a spray tan and perhaps be spray tanned.

You’ll be an expert in your field, gain valuable knowledge in all aspects of spray tanning and gain credibility.

Insurance for your new business:

Once you have received your training and you are ready to start taking bookings we would recommend you think about insuring your business and Public Liability Insurance.   This is available from the Guild of Beauty Therapists.

Home, Salon or Mobile?

It’s likely you will have already decided whether you are going work from Home, as a Mobile Therapist or from a Salon so the next thing to decide would be your working hours.

Being Salon based would usually have regular working hours whereas working mobile or from home means you are able to choose flexible hours to suit you and your lifestyle working around other commitments or family life.

Marketing your spray tan business

We offer various promotional posters, leaflets, record/consultation pads, clothing, window stickers and other marketing materials to help you promote your new business.

We can also help with digital images to assist with any of your web based marketing.

You may wish to undertake some local market research in your area. This would give you a great insight into what works well for busy therapists and hopefully help you choose the best way to promote yourself.

Choosing the right equipment:

Perhaps the biggest decision of all is choosing the most suitable equipment for your needs and your budget of course.

In our opinion, the most important thing you should consider is the number of tans you’d likely be performing each day. 

If you are just starting out then we understand it could be difficult to anticipate your tanning needs straight away so you may wish to start with a light use machine whilst you build up your clientele and then upgrade once you are more established. 

If you have the budget and would like to think more long term or would like to offer Tanning Party’s then you should consider a more high-end, heavy use machine.

What could I earn?

Choosing a price to charge can be difficult but it is always a good idea to undertake some local market research and check what other therapists in your area are charging. This will also offer you an insight into what is available, what works well for the busier salons so that you know how to market yourself.

Your profit margins will depend on the price you charge along with any extra disposables you may choose to use.

The table below shows the costs per tan for solution only using the recommended 50ml’s per tan.

Bottle Size Applications per bottle Avg. cost per treatment Profit per treatment Profit per bottle
250ml 3-4 £2.75 £22.25 £89.00
1000ml 16 – 20 £1.94 £23.06 £415.08
4000ml 60 – 80 £1.57 £23.43 £1640.10

*based on £25 per service